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Prayer for Rest

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord will give me peace. If I should die before I wake I pray I’ll go to a better place But if I wake and must go on I pray … Continue reading

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To Paula

This was written about 2006  after Paula told me that many of poems were depressing. Before we met I felt so alone Longing for someone I could call my own I prayed day and night for someone to hold Who … Continue reading

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Where did my Little Girl go?

This was written in Hollis, OK, while working at Westview Boy’s Home. We were living at Mitchell Cottage at the time.  Tabitha was going through a very rebellious stage which lasted many years. I wrote this after Tabitha did several … Continue reading

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The Visiting Demon

It’s been a while since he’s come my way But a demon came to visit me today He looked like any ordinary guy But I knew he was a demon in disguise. He pointed out my flaws one by one … Continue reading

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The Comfort Zone

I feel at home in my comfort zone I’m just as content as I can be I don’t need to grow; I don’t need to change I don’t want anything challenging me. I keep to myself; don’t need no one … Continue reading

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Bugger in My Nose

I have a booger in my nose It’s long and green like a water hose It’s not something you can see But it sure does make it hard to breathe I could pick it; I could flick it But I … Continue reading

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