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Road Trip Continues (Part 2)

Wednesday night was spent at Henry Horto State park. Paula absolutely insist upon having nearby bathrooms after our first night camping. Don’t ask, I’m not aloud to tell anyone. So camping just got a little more expensive, but a little … Continue reading

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My Anniversary

27 years ago my wife and I were married in Ponca City, OK at the Hartford Ave. Church of Christ. Finding a woman who is capable of putting up with me this long is a rare find. I’m sure most … Continue reading

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Trust and Commitment

A couple of our girls insisted upon my watching a YouTube video the other day and it is that video that prompted this post. I guess it was just meant to be funny and all, but the perspective some people have … Continue reading

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Silence Isn’t Always Golden

From time to time I am accused of making too much noise. My wife thinks I’m too noisey and so do a number of people I live with (all females). Now I will admit that there is definitely such thing … Continue reading

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Running life’s race

I’m a runner. I may be slower than a turtle swimming in molasses during the winter, but I still fit the description. I’m not always sure why I’m a runner. I’m not any good at it, and I certainly don’t … Continue reading

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A friend of mine after achieving a milestone in marriage (I believe it was his 60 anniversary), was asked the the secret of his longevity. I don’t think I will ever forget his answer. His answer was instant and firm, … Continue reading

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To Paula

This was written about 2006  after Paula told me that many of poems were depressing. Before we met I felt so alone Longing for someone I could call my own I prayed day and night for someone to hold Who … Continue reading

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