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The Pain of Change

We all change, but have you ever gone through an identity crisis? An identity crisis is defined as–“a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person’s sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected … Continue reading

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I’m Ken, and I’m a recovering preacher

I was only 22 years old when I went to my first AA meeting. I was in the Marine Corps rehabilitation known as “Phase Three.” It was the most intensive program the military offered for Alcoholics and drug addicts. I … Continue reading

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Colt Riley Adams

I haven’t been writing much on my blog, but I must take some time to write about this important event. My second grandchild was born Friday morning June 15, 2018. This my daughter’s second child and I am so glad … Continue reading

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Adjusting to the Life on the Road

It’s been over three months since I had to start driving a truck again. I haven’t written much during this time because there hasn’t been much time or desire. I was dreading the return to the road because of the … Continue reading

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28th Anniversary at Petit Jean Mountain

Today is my wife and I’d 28th Anniversary as a married couple. In honor of this event, I think it was fitting for us to spend this day at a place that we both have loved over the years. Other … Continue reading

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James Comey’s New Book

I just finished James Comey’s new book and thought it was really good. As far as his battle with President Trump, there wasn’t much in the book that I didn’t already know. His book only served as confirmation of my … Continue reading

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My Struggle

Some people have a terminal illness; others may be a terminal illness to themselves. In the first situation, something is going wrong with the body. In the second something is wrong with the mind. Either way, life is threatened and … Continue reading

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