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The Dark Hallway (When Doors Shut)

Ministry in it’s various forms can be very rewarding, but it also comes with it’s share of heartache and tears. Many times the difficulties can be worked through which strengthens resolve and relationships. However, there are other times when people … Continue reading

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Feeling Helpless

I’ve seen a lot of suffering in my life. Quite often I’ve had a front row helplessly watching as people have struggled with illness (usually cancer) till there was nothing left of them to struggle with. Currently, my wife’s mother … Continue reading

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Thirty Years of Sobriety

Today marks my thirtieth year of sobriety. Thirty years ago I was in the Marine Corps. I had just returned from my 2nd deployment overseas at the end of 1986. Within just a couple months of buying a car, I … Continue reading

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The Call

Martin Luther King came to Montgomery, Alabama in September 1954 to become pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. He had accepted his first pulpit while completing his doctorate in philosophical theology at Boston University, a decision that marked a fork … Continue reading

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It’s such a powerful word because we all go through it, but about the only time we ever really talk about it is when we think we have conquered it. Then we feel like the learned professor giving the lesson … Continue reading

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