About this Blog (updated)

Welcome to my blog. My blog is just for the purpose of sharing my thoughts. I’m a person who believes that there is profound benefit in sharing our thoughts and discussing our ideas. I prefer authenticity over the masks people tend to display publicly to maintain self image. I believe there is great benefit to be gained through our flaws, mistakes, and personal inadequacies.  I prefer real over image. I despise hypocrisy, selfishness, and greed in all forms. Therefore, I don’t care for fake smiles, fake attitudes, fake friendships, fake images, and most of all–fake righteousness. I would rather hear a person’s honest thoughts even when it hurts my feelings over unexpressed thoughts with ill intentions or hidden objections.

About me:

I am a middle age man living in Arkansas.  I’m a veteran having served in both the Marine Corps and the National Guard. I have been educated for Christian ministry within Churches of Christ from Oklahoma Christian & Harding Graduate School with majors in Preaching and Church Growth.  Over the years I have earned a living by either working for churches, Children’s Homes, or as a truck driver. I prefer small towns over large cities, small groups over large assemblies, and small congregations over the larger ones. I’m more comfortable among the working class people than I am among the professionals. I’m a fan of the underdog. I have more respect for the working class man who works hard to provide for his family than I will ever have for the wealthy and gifted man who has completely forgotten all the advantages he has been given and has no regard for those who are less fortunate.

I’m an imperfect man who married an imperfect woman and together we raised imperfect children imperfectly.  When choosing a spouse, I didn’t look for outward appearance. Most of all I sought a person I could trust. I wanted a woman with integrity, fidelity, loyalty, and the endurance necessary to put up with me. That I found.  My wife and I have been married for over 25 years with no intention of separating. We have two grown children, one grandchild, and one large hair-shedding dog. As a spouse and a parent, I have made many mistakes, but there should be no mistaking my love for my family.



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