New Hobby (cycling)

Since I’ve been having some nerve problems in my legs after running, I’ve begun a new form of exercise and hobby. I’ve been trying to get a decent bike for months and all I did was waste money buying things that were too small for me. But a couple weeks ago, I found a bicycle that I really like and my son bought one too. 

My son used to ride a lot when he was younger and he into it a whole lot more than I’ve ever been. His problem is he keeps getting hurt. He’s busted both bones in his forearm a few years ago, and now he has a metal plate in there holding things together. He’s also been hit by a car, but that didn’t cause any major damage–thank God. 

So he’s a bit accident prone, and I doubt that I’m much better. Our first ride together he fell and hurt his arm again. 😒 Hopefully, he’s up and running again. I just haven’t seen him in a while. 

Now I haven’t switched to a full out cyclist with all the clothing and such. So I don’t look as cool as my son does. And compared to all the people I am meeting on-line, I’m really embarrassingly slow. But hey, I’m trying. 

Anyway, I’m really liking it. I’ve already gone of several long rides. At least they were long to me. Last week I rode a loop between Conway and Mayflower in Arkansas. 

This was about 25 miles and since it’s in Arkasas, it. wasn’t exactly flat. I love my little app that tell the elevation I climbed. That trip was almost a thousand feet. 

Yesterday I rode up to Pettit Jean Mountain. So My elevation looked map looked like this. After climbing this massive hill (at least I thought it was massive) to took about a ten mile ride on top before coming back down. 

I was feeling pretty accomplished until I compared myself to others who rode the same hill. Compared to other cyclist with my app, I ranked in like 116th place. I can’t even imagine how some of these guys get up that hill as fast as they do. But it’s coming down the hill that freaked me out. The top ones averaged around 50 mph. I averaged about half that and I was incredibly anxious the whole time. I suppose I could have gone faster, but there was a truck in front of me and I was afraid I wouldn’t stop. 

I guess it will be more motivating for me if instead of comparing myself to the athletes, I compare myself to those who are more seditary in their lifestyles. For instance, I used to be a truck driver. Compared to most of them, I’m like a fitness god. 

Anyway, I’m having fun. I love the exercise, the challenge, and the views. I guess that’s all that really matters. 


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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