Mt. Magazine State Park

It wasn’t the best day for my expedition to Mt. Magazine State Park since it was so overcast. But my dog kept pacing and staring at me. This is his way of nagging me like a child. Anyway, it worked and I loaded him up and we went for a drive. The closer we got to the mountain the denser the fog got. The first overlook looked like this. 

Wow!!! What a view right? Well that’s the way it was. But I figured since we made the trip we might as well hike some trails, so that is what we did. We started at the visitor’s center and started down  the North Rim Trail. For a while I thought the fog would lift, up it really didn’t lift much. It’s a shame because I’m sure it would be very pretty on a clear day. This is about as clear as it got. 

Mt. Magazine is the highest elevation in the state. But the highest point is now the place of the best view. But since we couldn’t see anything anyway, we headed up to the highest point. 

At the top, it was just clear enough for me and my dog to get a cool picture. 

After that we headed back to the vistor’s center and headed home. It was about a 6 mile hike that was still fun even though I was quite disappointed. I’m sure I will visit again to get some better pictures. 


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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