What I Want Most in a President

The presidential election is just around the corner and like many people, I’ll be glad when it is all over. I’ve lived through this process a number of times now and it seems to get worse each time. I had high hopes early on because there was one candidate I thought had potential, but right now I’m not sure I can even identify the lesser of two evils. I’ve listened to the debates, I’ve read the books, and I’ve tried my best to decifer the facts. The choice I’m left with is really no choice at all. But the whole process started me thinking: What do I want most in a president? So I thought I would share some of my own thoughts since most people have shared theirs.

  • I want a presedent that desires to serve more than he/she desires to be served.  
  • I want a president who knows what it’s like to struggle financially who hasn’t had a life of luxury handed down to them. A president should be considerate of those who are less fortunate instead of looking down on them. 
  • I want a president who is willing to help those who are less fortunate so that they have a chance to have a decent life instead of just taking advantage of them. 
  •  I want a president who believe in education enough to make it available for everyone who desires it. 
  • I want a president who cares about our future enough to protect our environment and not drive us into the pitfall of massive debt. 
  • I want a president who is kind and compassionate and yet strong enough against the greed and bullies of society that seek to harm others. 
  • I want a president who can respect and protect the diversity of religious views in our country. 
  • I want a president who is honest and lives with a sense of integrity. 
  • I want a president who can respect all people regardless of their race, gender, religion, or financial status. 
  • I want a president who will work towards rehabilitating criminals instead of just punishing them. 
  • I want a present who will seek to give every citizen a chance for proper education, health care, and a means of survival and a  chance to thrive.

I do not have much hope for our nation when there is such a large concentration of wealth controlled by such a small percentage of people. I believe there is plenty of resources to go around, but when greed takes over the nation will fall.  


About Ken Sayers

I'm currently employed by a children's home where my wife and I care for a cottage of girls who have been displaced from their families. I'm a middle age man with two grown children of my own and one grandchild. I have worked as a United States Marine, a youth minister, a preacher, a childcare worker, and a truck driver. My hobbies include photography, horses, playing guitar, writing, and fitness.
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