Moments of Joy

My favorite poem of all times is Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost. This is such a short poem and it is so true. It is a reminder to treasure those very special moments of joy in life because they don’t last. I hope that doesn’t sound pessimistic, it’s just that there are moments in this life that are truly “golden.” But what makes them golden is their rarity. Dawn is my favorite part of the day. I’m talking about when the sun just starts to peak over the horizon. The darkness is slowly being transformed into light. It is a peaceful time no matter how chaotic life is at the time. I think it’s God’s way of giving us a new beginning. It’s his way of saying, “life goes on.” But it doesn’t last long, and most of us sleep right through it. People sleep till they have to get up and be in a hurry. No wonder why people are so grumpy in the morning.

imageRight now one of my greatest moments of Joy is my granddaughter, Grace. She couldn’t have been more appropriately named. My favorite definition of grace is God’s unmerited favor. I did nothing to deserve her, but when she is around I feel positively blessed. Like the Oakridge Boys we all need to thank God for kids.

I don’t know if I was able to appreciate my own children as much as a grandchild. I was too busy and too burdened down with responsibility to enjoy them as much as I should have. Still, I look back to when my children were so small as another moment of joy. I used to love to take them to the park and play with them. I loved to watch the expressions on their face as they get to experienced new things. Back then, I was one of the greatest people in their lives. For just a small section time, there was gold.

Now there’s Grace. I get to see her more now and she is so fun to play with. I feel for my daughter  who really wants to be with her daughter, but she has to make a living. She is trying desperately to find reliable childcare while she works, but this is not easy. Paula and I were in college when our first child was born (not the best time to have a child). It was so stressful that we needed help. Thank God for grandparents, but it’s not easy on parents. I was always quite jealous of my wife’s father who had more money, time, and toys to offer my child then what I had. Now I see things a bit more from his perspective.

Maybe this is God’s way getting us to share. Grandparents need babies too. My heart seriously leaps inside when this child sees me for the first time and runs towards me with hands raised. Only the dog acts that happy to see me. And when this little girls starts dancing, it’s impossible not to smile. (Click on Dancing if you haven’t see her dance).

She is the only person who can run through a house with a high pitched scream and get everybody to smile. You can be in the middle of horrible argument, but when Grace comes in with that four-toothed smile and ear piercing scream, you seriously can’t help smiling even if you were in the midst of crying. She is truly one of those moments of joy that I treasure so much.

We don’t always get to watch her, and I know the day is coming when she will grow into a teenager (ugh). Life isn’t nice for long. I’m sure this little treasure will get to experience the harshness of life like everybody else, but for now she has brightened my life, and I am so grateful for this little bundle of joy.



About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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