Austin Emery 2/20/31 to 3/9/16

AustinWe lost another good one this month. Austin Emery died yesterday, March 9, at age 85. Austin was my predecessor at Northside church of Christ, and I had great respect for this servant of Christ. By the time I met him, Austin getting frail from age and Parkinson’s Disease. From the time I met him, I developed a great admiration for this man. Even in his frail condition this man continued to serve Christ until he couldn’t serve him anymore.

He was an incredible speaker and Bible class teacher. Every I heard him speak, I was impressed. I guess what impressed me most about this man is his service. I could barely climb the stairs to the pulpit, but he always gave his best. Even after he retired he was often at the church building studying and sending out words of encouragement to members of the congregation.

It’s always sad when people age to the point that they can no longer function as they could before. I think most people, as they age, sort of retire from Christian service as well. This was not the case with Austin. He gave all he could give to his Lord, and nothing more could be expected of any man.

It is not a bad thing or even a sad thing when such a man as Austin passes from this life. Sure we will miss him, but he spent his time in service, and the time has come for his departure. I am happy for him and blessed for having known him. May he rest in peace after a life well lived.



About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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