Book Review: Fearless Conversation: How can we be fully faithful when we’re fully flawed?

fearless conversationsI just finished going through this book as a small group study. This is the first one I have used an as an adult study from Group. This centered around the life of David and I found each of the lessons had relevance for Christians today. David is an interesting character to study because he sought God with great sincerity, but he also made some really horrible mistakes that had a devastating effect on his life.

Overall, I thought the study was pretty good. Of course, some lessons were better than others. I found some of the activities and questions a little lame for the group I was leading, but overall, the discussion guide was great. It suggested an attention getting opener to get the conversation going. It provided a text with background information about the text throughout the lesson. It was most helpful in providing questions for the group. The book does everything for you. I had a leaders guide and the members of the group had participants guides. I don’t know that it was really necessary to each member to have their own book like Group suggest, but that is helpful for those who wish to read ahead.

The greatest advantage to this book is that anybody can do it. The manual leads you through each step along the way. From there the leader can decide what questions he thinks will be good for his group and maybe make some up along the way.


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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One Response to Book Review: Fearless Conversation: How can we be fully faithful when we’re fully flawed?

  1. agapepoint says:

    Thanks Ken for your review. I’ve used Group’s material before and have found their material helpful. Your reviews are always well written and insightful. Thank you, Keith C. Brown


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