My Top Ten List of Spiritual Lessons

  1. What we already know is not as important as our desire to learn.
  2. Being right is not as important as how we treat those who may be wrong.
  3. Helping others to overcome their sin is not as important as our ability to overcome sin ourselves.
  4. Being faithful is more important than the appearance of perfection.
  5. Admitting we may be wrong is more important than our ability to convince people we are right.
  6. Wealth and success are not as important as inner peace and contentment.
  7. Legalistic purity is not as important as our love for God.
  8. The words we use to praise God and edify each other are way more important than the various means we use to sing them.
  9. Being real is way more important than appearances.
  10. Being loved by others is not near as important as loving ourselves.

About Ken Sayers

I'm currently employed by a children's home where my wife and I care for a cottage of girls who have been displaced from their families. I'm a middle age man with two grown children of my own and one grandchild. I have worked as a United States Marine, a youth minister, a preacher, a childcare worker, and a truck driver. My hobbies include photography, horses, playing guitar, writing, and fitness.
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