The Visiting Demon

It’s been a while since he’s come my way
But a demon came to visit me today
He looked like any ordinary guy
But I knew he was a demon in disguise.

He pointed out my flaws one by one
Making me ashamed for the mistakes I had done.
And as sorrow filled my heart,
He continued to wail and rip me apart.

I tried to explain my intentions were pure.
I don’t want to hurt people; I just want to serve.
The last thing I’d want is to cause someone pain,
“That doesn’t matter,” the demon complained.

You are a loser; you just don’t belong.
Everything you do is always wrong.
You are not fit to be here with us,
You’re a worthless piece of slime that I can not trust.

What can I do to change how you feel?
I inquired from the demon as he yelled at me still
There’ll be no mercy or pardon to have
He just wanted to hurt, and hurt me real bad.

That’s how they work. Demons destroy.
They have nothing to give; the just steak your joy.
They laugh at your tears, they rejoice when you fail.
When visited by a demon, that’s how you tell.

by Ken Sayers (May 28, 2014)




About Ken Sayers

I'm currently employed by a children's home where my wife and I care for a cottage of girls who have been displaced from their families. I'm a middle age man with two grown children of my own and one grandchild. I have worked as a United States Marine, a youth minister, a preacher, a childcare worker, and a truck driver. My hobbies include photography, horses, playing guitar, writing, and fitness.
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