Git-R-Done Underwear

Written by Ken Sayers (started 12-15-2007)File Apr 06, 6 27 30 PM

Well I used to be a brief wearing man
But they always seemed to be kind of bland
I tried boxers bikinis and thongs
But everything seemed to fit me wrong.

Then one day my valentine
Gave me a gift that made me shine
My wife showed me how much she cared
D               C                               G
By gittin me git-r-done und-er-wear.


Now After my shower I and comb my hair
I put on my git-r-done underwear.
Their red and yellow and fit me right
When I put them on it’s a beautiful sight.
People all around stop and stare
Wishin’ they had them a pair
But there are some things I will not share
D                                         C                               G
Keep your hands off my git-r-done und-er-wear.

Now some of you may think its wrong,
For me to sing this underwear song.
But I’m so happy I must declar
I really dig my underwear.

So if your man is ever feeling down
With a somber look and wearing a frown
Help him know how much you care
Go get him some git-r-done underwear.

Repeat Chorus


About Ken Sayers

I'm currently employed by a children's home where my wife and I care for a cottage of girls who have been displaced from their families. I'm a middle age man with two grown children of my own and one grandchild. I have worked as a United States Marine, a youth minister, a preacher, a childcare worker, and a truck driver. My hobbies include photography, horses, playing guitar, writing, and fitness.
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